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I’m off to Ramencon! Lineup for the weekend includes Balalaika, Helga Sinclair, Integra Hellsing, and a secret surprise cosplay tonight! Stay beautiful kids, and I’ll see you on the flipside.

We interupt this program to bring you Amelie the queen.

We interupt this program to bring you Amelie the queen.

Fear gave rise to fear, and soon they became a shadow,
dark beyond human understanding.

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Smile, Dear.

Why I Give My Photogs So Much Credit



On FB moreso than here (more people who know the obscure stuff follow me on FB I think XD) I’ve been getting some compliments on my shots of Kail Mursali from Red River/Anatolia story mostly talking about how gorgeous or sexy or bishounen I look. And I agree, I look amazing, but I tell everyone it’s thanks to my photog and I want to explain why I say that not as a kind of false modesty but sincere fact.

This is a shot from Tommyish Cosplay and Photography. It’s sooooo pretty. *_* I love it so much.


This is a shot from my camera, a Sony alpha so pretty decent DSLR. There’s none of the glow though and I look plain and human compared to the gorgeous deity of the above photo. This is the difference of having a good camera and having a good photographer.


Now I do and can take credit for the transformation to that from this picture. My natural looks no wig and make up. It’s a change, but as you can clearly see make up and costume alone didn’t result int he beauty of the first photo.


In summary? ALWAYS CREDIT YOUR PHOTOG! They put in a lot of work and have a big part in how your end photos turn out sometimes even more than you do as the cosplayer!

This is so important you guys….the photographer is EVERYTHING. 


^ Random Hall Shot


^ Rensuchan Photography making us look super moe

PLEASE credit your photographers!! They are such a big part of good cosplay pictures!!! :) 




Rest stops on highways are liminal spaces where the veil is thin and nobody can tell me differently


The explanation is that liminal spaces are in between places that bridge Here with There, so in fairy tales we often have the Fairy Ring, the Forest Clearing, the Sudden Misty Foggy Forest, the Bridge, the River, graveyards, in some cases

We also have a ton of american urban mythology around famous roadways and sites off the sides of roads

Archetypes like these occur to mark the places in the world where the veil goes thin and humans can have extra-worldly experiences, out of the ordinary way of living

So why wouldn’t transient spaces like rest stops where everyone is just passing through from one place to the next, never stopping for too long, not be a liminal space where spirits frequent, too

Especially since nobody would know if they were real or not